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How bad is the dog theft problem?

Dog thieves

We learned early in the pandemic about how dog theft was on the rise, as sales of our self defence products went crazy. Dog walkers all over the UK wanted to defend themselves better. So upon researching the situation further we were determined to find an innovative solution and bring it to market. Some key facts we learned were:-

1 - Eurogroup for Animals estimated that 8 million new dogs are required annually to supply the European market but only about 1.1 million are produced by official breeding facilities. This is creating ample opportunity for the canine criminal underworld for breeding and thieving.

2 - The OCCRP say dog theft is one of the fastest growing illicit markets, possibly third after narcotics and weapons, and unlike arms and drugs, this one is fluffy, bounces down the street in full view, and is a very good boy

3 - Since lockdown, puppy prices have increased by a mind-blowing 450 percent. For example, a golden retriever has gone up from around 500 euros in 2019 to almost 3,000 euros. Older dogs are sold to breed. Puppy farms are the new goldmines.

4 - Crooks use chip scanners to locate and remove microchips, often putting the animal to sleep. These scanners are on sale today online for approx £30-£40 each. 

What we have set up

dog theft

The only way to solve this huge industry in illegal animals is to take a UK and EU-wide approach. Safehaus is perfectly positioned do to so with its UK and EU sales operation on the likes of Amazon, Google etc. We have everything from warehouse and shipment partners, multi lingual customer services staff, EU VAT registration and trademark, the whole lot. Yet we cannot do it on our own. We need responsible dog owners to do their part, along with the crime prevention industry including the Police.

The best bit?

Animal Genomics

Our Laboratory partner for this service is a global leader in animal DNA analysis and are specialists in their field, with operations on different continents. So we know we have the right partner in this area to deliver the best solution.

Their work and database management meet the rigorous standards as set by Policing Standards, which includes certification to the international recognized standard ISO 17025:2017 for laboratory operations and ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) accredited .

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