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Dog Theft DNA Register - Home Saliva Sample Pack

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Dog Theft DNA Register - Home Saliva Sample Pack


  • Thanks to a breakthrough in DNA technology UK Police are encouraging dog owners to register their dogs on a dog DNA database as a viable way to put an end to the cruelty and heartache caused by dog thieves for so many people and pets so far in 2021
  • During lockdown puppy prices soared in the UK and demand is not showing any signs of easing which has led to a huge rise in dog theft and criminal gangs remove dog microchips with scanners to make dogs untraceable yet nobody can change your dogs DNA
  • As announced by the Gov UK Pet Theft Taskforce in September Police have updated their computer systems nationally so that from now on when you report a stolen dog you provide your Dog DNA Register details along with images and the microchip number
  • Available for every dog whether specific breed or mixed breed First you simply order the dog theft DNA kit and when it arrives you simply register the kit online and swab your dogs mouth to collect saliva then return the swabs in the prepaid envelope
  • A caring gift for any dog owner and more effective dog theft prevention than any fancy gps tracker etc especially when Safehaus also supply powerful visible deterrent clothing and accessories such as Police branded bandanas dog lead and garden signs

Get back to living life to the full with your best furry friend!

The bottom line here is, now's the time to protect your dog with a DNA swab. So what are you waiting for?